Why Perth Residents Need Window and Front Door Upgrades:Double Glazed

If you have noticed your energy bills rising in recent months, you are not alone. Energy costs in Western Australia have risen at record rates in the past couple of years, meaning that households in Perth now pay more for electricity and heating and have less money in their pockets at the end of the month.[…]

Frequently asked questions about double glazing

Double glazing is stylish and energy-efficient. We would recommend homeowners to install them in their homes both for maximum security and savings. Below are common questions and answers on double glazing. Read to learn more. Contact us if you need double […]

How ARCO improves the standards of double glazing in Perth

How our windows are made? Have you ever wondered how double glazed windows are made? You might think it’s as simple as putting two panes of glass in a frame, but the reality is more complex. To get all the […]

How are double glazed windows made?

Double glazed windows are one of the great innovations in building sustainability and security. Widely attributed as an invention of Victorian-era Scotland, double glazing (plus triple, and now even quadruple glazing) is characterised by multiple glass panes with a hermetically […]

How are double glazed windows more energy efficient?

If you’re looking to replace your windows, one thing you’re going to have to consider is which type of glass to use. While double glazed windows are becoming more popular, there are still many Australian homes that have not replaced their […]

Upgrade your home with glass sliding doors

Two things go up when you replace traditional doors with sleek sliding doors: your home’s value, and the usable living space. Of course, some things also go down: your electricity bills for one, as well as your anxiety levels about […]

Retrofit soundproof windows to old apartments

Retrofit soundproof windows to old apartments for an instant upgrade. Noise is one of the top factors influencing the value of inner-city apartments. And it’s not a minor issue: noise pollution can wipe as much as $70,000 off the sale price. […]

The benefits of awning windows

Awning windows have long been a favourite in Australian homes and businesses. Featuring a hinged edge for vertical opening, awning windows have many benefits: Ventilation even in inclement weather Enhanced security features Slender profile perfect for double glazing Almost endless […]

Glass sliding doors vs french doors: Which are better?

Patio doors connect indoor and outdoor living spaces and so become an important, yet often undervalued, part of designing a home. When it comes to choosing between glass sliding doors and French hinged doors, consider 3 key areas: 1. Form […]