Our double glazed doors

Treat your home to a total transformation with our double glazed doors.

As versatile as they are functional

Multi-point locking system

Doors lock in 5 places along the frame to ensure your home is as secure as possible.

Large chambered sash & frame

The frames won't crack, peel or warp. Chambers provide great insulation.

Low-E glass

Argon filled Low-E glass blocks UV light and lowers your energy bill. This comes as standard in all of our units, unlike some competitors.

Steel reinforcement

All uPVC frames are reinforced with steel profiles so they never twist or bend.

Compression seals

Compression seals around the sash eliminate air and water infiltration.

Custom sizing

All windows are designed and manufactured to your requirements.

Low maintenance

Simply wipe clean and your uPVC frame will look as good as new.

10-year warranty on glass

Your double glazed units are covered by a 10 year warranty.

10-year warranty on frames

All frames come with a 10 year structural integrity warranty. Coloured window frames are covered by a 7 year fading warranty. White & cream window frames are covered by a 10 year fading warranty.

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Our double glazed doors

Lift & slide doors

Lift and slide doors are an impressive door, designed to be big at a maximum length of 10m and height of 2.4m. This is a unique door which provides excellent insulation thanks to the rubber that runs all the way around the moving sliding sash, creating an airtight seal. The lift and slide door has superior hardware which glides the door effortlessly along the track.

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Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a great space-saving door as it doesn’t protrude in or out of the house but rather slides across the track. They are very easy to use- similar to a standard sliding door and features a multi-point lock for safety. Our sliding doors can be made as a two-panel or slightly larger as a three-panel stacker.

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French doors

French doors can open either inwards or outwards to suit how you use your doors. With both the sashes being able to open, french doors allow a bigger opening for things like moving furniture.

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Front doors

Our front door includes various safety features like an air-tight, rubber seal and multi-point locking system. This, alongside our double glazed unit with safety glass, makes for a very secure door. All of our front doors are custom made with various design options including solid uPVC for more privacy.

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Frame colour options

Glass options

Low-E glass

Low-E glass stands for Low Emissivity Glass and works similar to insulation inside your home. Low-E glass in double glazing has a thin coating on the inside of the external pane. It essentially allows your house to be cool in summer and warm in winter without tinting the windows. In summer, a portion of the heat that passes through the window is absorbed and reflected outside. In winter, it will create a barrier for the heat trying to escape through the window and reflect it back indoors.


Low-E Glass comes as a standard in all of ARCO's windows and doors. This type of glass is offered as an optional extra by our competitors.


Reduces energy bills and costs. Provides comfort all year long regardless of the temperature. Greatly decreases the amount of UV rays entering the home.


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