The benefits of awning windows

Awning windows have long been a favourite in Australian homes and businesses. Featuring a hinged edge for vertical opening, 

Awning windows have long been a favourite in Australian homes and businesses. Featuring a hinged edge for vertical opening, awning windows have many benefits:

Ventilation even in inclement weather

Enhanced security features

Slender profile perfect for double glazing

Almost endless configurations

Easy operation

Let’s look at awning windows in more depth to find out what makes them a great choice for Perth.

How awning windows work

Most awning windows are designed to open outward from a top hinge. We’ll talk about why in a moment. However, ARCO Double Glazing can install awning windows to open in either direction from a top or bottom hinge, either manually or with a winder. What we recommend will depend on the window positioning, its purpose, and the external environment.

Advantages of awning windows


Awning windows are normally placed higher up on the wall, providing great ventilation without compromising on privacy. Because they open from on a horizontal hinge rather than sliding or swinging, awning windows have the advantage of providing fresh air without anyone being able to see in.

Weather protection

ARCO Double Glazing install millimetre-perfect awning windows that keep out the weather in several ways:

Bottom-opening awning windows can be opened in the rain

Double glazing reduces UV exposure by 75%

Rated for severe storms

Heat transfer is reduced by up to 80%

8x quieter than traditional windows (32-43 dB decrease in noise pollution)

Plus, our awning windows are manufactured using corrosion-resistant hardware. Every part – sash, mullions, hinges and handle – are designed to withstand the weather, making awning windows ideal for coastal areas.

Added security

Windows are normally a weak spot for security, but not awning windows. Made-to-measure frames create a full seal with tough glass to keep families and businesses safe. 

Some people choose to add an internal screen for additional security and pest control. Awning windows provide ventilation benefits even when opened only slightly, creating a pleasant environment without giving unwanted guests a way in.

Stylish, versatile aesthetic

Awning windows are custom made up to 1.8m wide and can be applied in almost endless configurations. They come in 

Energy efficiency

We use Low-E (low emissivity) glass as standard in all our windows and doors, unlike others who charge extra for the 

Perth’s best awning windows

ARCO Double Glazing manufacture, supply and install made-to-measure awning windows to suit all styles of Perth homes and businesses. Using tough Low-E glass and lead-free environmentally friendly uPVC frames, our windows keep out undesirable elements and look fantastic.

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