How To Save On Building Costs Without Cutting Corners [2024 Guide]

How To Save On Building Costs Without Cutting Corners [2024 Guide] 

Construction costs are rising at record rates.It might seem like a bad time to think about

We know construction costs are higher than usual…

But just how much have prices risen, and what’s happening to push them to record highs? 

Materials costs

Demand for raw materials is increasing while supply is decreasing. Timber and metal are especially prone to price rises. Yet another reason why uPVC windows are the best material for

Labour costs 

As a rule of thumb, labour accounts for around 50% of total building expenditures in residential construction projects. Australia’s job market is tight, which drives up labour costs. 

Fuel costs

While petrol prices remain high, we can expect logistics providers and contractors to pass on the extra costs.

5 ways to save money on your construction or renovation project

1. Stick to the plan

Choosing a “volume” builder is perhaps the biggest single saving you can make when building a new home. These experienced builders have standard floor plans and a catalogue of features, fixtures and finishings.

Amendments can be costly, but changing a standard plan is often more budget-friendly than

2. Choose the right materials

Behind labour, materials are often the second-highest contributor to building costs. You need to make sure you

Many small savings add up to a significant reduction in building costs.

Use this

Natural stone

Autoclaved aerated concrete

Small native plants (they grow)

Kit kitchens and wardrobes

Not that

Aluminium or wood

Imported marble

Traditional concrete masonry

Big, thirsty imported greenery

Custom carpentry

3. Shop local

It’s a myth that importing building materials and features is cheaper than buying local. Once you factor in shipping costs, customs, local contractors to deliver and install, and workarounds when things don’t fit, you’ll find the prices comparable.

Consider your home’s resale value. Working with a local contractor means things are made to measure and often come with warranties that would be a nightmare otherwise.

For example, we keep the cost of double-glazed windows down by importing high-quality European materials and manufacturing the units locally in Bibra Lake. It’s the best of both worlds.

4. Do DIY tasks

Considering that labour costs account for the biggest chunk of construction costs, a DIY approach can save you significant money.


DIY is dangerous unless you have the proper skills, tools and safety gear. We can’t advocate for anyone attempting to run electrical cables, install double-glazed windows, or mount a gas point. Be smart about your DIY choices to ensure you don’t put yourself (or your new home) at risk.

5. Lock in prices upfront

But the same can’t be said for volatile materials like steel, aluminium and timber. Home builders who neglected to lock in prices a year ago will be reconsidering their choices. This isn’t a bad thing if there’s still time to choose uPVC windows over aluminium or timber.

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Saving money has become a priority for every Aussie family considering a construction or

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