Glass sliding doors vs french doors: Which are better?

Patio doors connect indoor and outdoor living spaces and so become an important, yet often undervalued, part of designing a home. When it comes to choosing between glass sliding doors and French hinged doors, consider 3 key areas:

1. Form

How the door design suits your home’s style and aesthetic.

2. Function

Whether the door opens a space, closes it off, lets in enough light and is secure.

3. Feeling

Your personal preference in terms of finishes, designs and features.

Before diving into the pros and cons of each style, let’s look at the differences between glass sliding doors and French doors.

Glass sliding doors are made using large glass panels (usually 2) clad in a slimline frame. One panel remains in place while the other slides along a weatherproof track, or both panels can slide outwards from a central point. The effect is a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces, perfect for enjoying Perth’s famously temperate climate.

French doors are perhaps the more ‘classic’ patio door design, with two doors that swing inward or outward on hinges. French door frames are normally bulkier than glass sliding doors inherently occupy more space when open. However the classic look of French doors does suit stately, traditional décor and architecture.



Use less spaceOpening width is limited to how far the panel can slide
Neater design styleSlower access
Removes the barrier between indoor and outdoor livingThe seal isn’t as airtight and less energy efficient
Unobstructed views and more natural light Debris can collect in the track, requiring cleaning
Sliding screens can be used for pest protection A wider opening requires more frames and hence, less glass
Customisable to suit the size of the entry
Can position furniture in front of the fixed panel

French doors: Pros and cons



Classic design style suits traditional architecture Create unusable space when opened
Faster to open Width of the doors has limitations
Attractive design creates a feature or focal point Depending on design the outside view might be reduced
 Create a tighter seal for energy efficiency and security
 Able to create a large opening when both sides are open

So, which is better?

Let’s go back to the considerations of form, function and feeling. While sliding glass doors take up less space, offer more natural light, and effectively double living space by bringing outside in, French doors have a certain je ne sais quoi making them a popular feature in traditional design.


Energy efficiency is key in modern homes. French doors have the edge by using a double rubber seal and creating an airtight seal that reduces heating and cooling costs by up to 80%.


While both are secure because of the Grade A safety glass used and frames reinforced with galvanised steel, French doors are more secure due to the double rubber seal and the 5-point locking system designed for the door. French doors have 5-points where the bolts engage and lock compared to 3 on sliding doors. Both can be fitted with security screens for an added safety measure.

Here at ARCO Double Glazing our all our doors are custom made to suit your home, offering all the inherent benefits plus added security measures. We use multi-point locking systems as standard to keep intruders out and your family safe.

Contact us for a free measure and quote on Perth’s best glass sliding doors and french doors today.

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