5 Ways Double Glazed Windows Add Value to Your Home

Are you wasting money on “home improvements” that will do nothing for your property value?

As exciting as home renovations are, pause for a sec and consider if your hard-earned cash should be spent on aesthetics and personal preferences or real value-adds. Perhaps the gourmet kitchen and spa bath can wait a little longer?

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Double Glazed Windows Reduce Energy Costs

Windows are the biggest offenders when it comes to energy loss in a building, so it makes sense to start here when renovating.

Whether we’re enduring blistering summers or icy winters, we want to keep our indoor climate as comfortable as possible. And we certainly don’t want to be throwing our money away on trying to heat or cool a room that is haemorrhaging our careful climate control into the street. Sadly, this is exactly what those old, single-glazed windows are doing.

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It’s a fact; double glazing saves you money.

Stay Comfortable with Double Glazing

Putting costs aside for a moment, let’s take a closer look at comfort.

When summer rolls around and temperatures soar, there’s no doubt that we want to keep our home as cool and comfortable as possible. Energy efficient windows offer excellent insulation which serves to keep the heat out and the cool in. If you’re running an air-conditioner, you’ll find that your home will stay cooler for longer.

Conversely, cold winter weather is kept at bay as our hard-working windows help to retain the indoor heat absorbed during the day.

Reducing Outdoor Noise

If you’ve ever lived close to an airport or a busy road, you’ll know how invasive and irritating that continuous noise can be.

The same double glazing mechanics that help to regulate your home’s temperature also serve to reduce outdoor noise, which is why it’s also known as “hush glass.” The science is beautifully simple: The Argon gas that fills the space between the two panes of glass mutes incoming sound waves which reduces noise levels significantly.

The converse is also true, which allows your teens to play their music indoors without bothering the neighbours.

Increased Resale Value

A comfortable home with lower energy costs will always trump its single-glazed counterpart.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of leasing or selling your property,

Most quality double glazed windows are crafted with uPVC frames. uPVC requires almost no maintenance and are manufactured to withstand our harsh Australian climate. They are incredibly hard-wearing, beautiful, and easy to clean which is another check in the box for both you, and a potential buyer.

Increased Security

Keeping our family safe is always going to be on the top of our list of priorities.

Solid, tight-fitting frames and two tough panes of glass makes life far more difficult for criminals. Also, the robust locking mechanism in quality double glazed windows and restricted window hinges add another critical layer of protection for your family.

This makes your property far less attractive to thieves.

Add Value with Double Glazed Windows in Perth

Surely, the above information as well as the all-important environmental benefits of double glazing are clear for you and potential buyers. Double glazing offers immediate advantages now while adding a ton of value to your property down the line. 

Better still, homeowners can claim incentives for making use of 

If you’re shopping for top-quality double glazed windows in Perth, we would be thrilled to assist. For homeowners who would like some idea on pricing, please make use of our 

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