ARCO Double Glazing terms and conditions

Payment terms

For supply and install

As all of our windows and doors are custom made the following payment terms apply:

5% part payment upon acceptance of order. Acceptance is made through either written confirmation to your sales consultant or clicking 'accept' on your quote.

45% part payment to commence production.

45% part payment due 72 hours prior to scheduled installation. Failure to pay the second 45% progress payment prior to installation may result in your installation being cancelled and rebooked for the next available installation date.

5% final part payment once the job is completed.

Remittance must be sent as proof of payment to prior to release of the product.

Accessories will be invoiced separately and treated as a separate job. Payment for supply and installation of windows and doors cannot be held up due to delays in supplying of accessories.

For supply only

An upfront part-payment of 50% of the total value of the quote is required to commence production. The final part-payment of 50% is due and payable on collection from ARCO Double Glazing. Remittance must be sent as proof of payment to prior to release of the product. All measurements are to be supplied by the customer. If a site survey is required a time will be booked. If the site is not ready for the inspection and ARCO Double Glazing has not been given 48 hours notice, a $250 + GST fee will be charged, and ARCO Double Glazing will rebook the site survey for the next available time.

Title and ownership of the goods supplied will not pass to the customer until all monies owing to ARCO Double Glazing have been paid in full. Risk of damage to or loss of the goods supplied passes to you upon delivery or collection of the goods.

By making part-payment to us, it is acknowledged that you have read, understood and accepted the payment terms and conditions.

For overdue payments

In the event the account remains outstanding for a period of seven (7) days after any final payment is due, then ARCO Double Glazing may commence legal proceedings against you in the appropriate jurisdiction to recover any and all outstanding money owed. All products remain the property of ARCO Double Glazing until paid in full.

General terms and conditions

ARCO quotations

Joinery schedule attached showing windows and doors quoted are always viewed from an internal perspective. Quotations are valid until the expiry date shown on the quotation.

Our products are designed and glazed in accordance with relevant Australian Standards AS2047, AS1288 and AS4666. All products conform to AS4055 for wind load and, where applicable, to AS3959-2009 for construction in bushfire prone areas.

All supply and installation quotations are subject to site survey and check measurement and it is the customers responsibility to provide the following documentation

  1. Site measure
  2. Site classification report
  3. Bushfire report
  4. Energy efficiency report
  5. Full set of final floor plans and elevations

All communications regarding projects must be in written correspondence via email and the project will proceed based only on that communication. No joinery or glass changes will be accepted unless a confirmation email has been received by ARCO Double Glazing from the customer or their appointed representative.

ARCO Double Glazing must adhere to fabrication and technical manuals as specified by Deceuninck uPVC systems.

Cancellation of order

Customers may request cancellation of the goods and/or services at any time. This may result in full or partial refund of monies paid in advance, depending on the stage of production at the time of cancellation. Customers agree to deduct from any refund or pay to ARCO Double Glazing all costs and expenses incurred up to the day of cancellation.

Retrofit installations

We will take all care when removing old windows and doors but do not accept responsibility or will make good damage to existing tiles, walls, paint, plaster and/or security screens etc.

Standard repair work is as follows- trims on one side and neutral silicone on the other, around the new frame to existing structure. Extra trims at clients request will incur a cost on a case by case basis.

Old doors and windows will not be removed intact. ARCO Double Glazing will dispose of old doors and windows at our expense.

The customer is responsible for ensuring safe storage of ARCO Double Glazing delivered materials prior to installation.

ARCO Double Glazing will not take responsibility for theft of products taken from the customers site.

Any damage to stored goods on site shall be replaced at the customers cost.

Customers are responsible for scaffolding and safe access for installation. If ARCO Double Glazing's installers (contract or in-house) deem the job site as unsafe then ARCO Double Glazing has the right to leave the site and only return when they see fit. ARCO Double Glazing can organise scaffolding and crane at an additional cost to the customer.

Supply only

Delivery charges for metro Perth will be advised based on size of job and delivery address.

Charges for deliveries outside of metro Perth are charged on a case by case basis.

Any orders that are delayed past the client's requested delivery date will incur a daily fee of $250 + GST for storage.

Existing window treatments and alarms

Hard wired alarms, blinds; plantation-shutters; roller-shutters; etc must be removed by client prior to ARCO Double Glazing starting installation. ARCO Double Glazing will not reinstall hard wired/blinds etc.

Removal and replacement of services, fixtures, fitting, blinds etc will be the customers responsibility.

Original blinds or similar may not fit back into place due to depth of ARCO Double Glazing frames. ARCO Double Glazing is not responsible for the clients existing window treatments fitting back into place. The customer will not hold ARCO Double Glazing responsible should this occur.

Fly screens and security screens are not included unless shown on the accepted quotation.

Rectifications (Metro Area Only)

For supply & install:

ARCO Double Glazing will complete rectifications, without charge, on products under warranty as stated below. For products out of warranty or deemed 'misused' by ARCO Double Glazing a fee of $200/hr + GST will be charged and the customer agrees to payment prior to any work being completed.

For supply only:

For rectifications or any adjustments, a fee of $200/hr + GST will incur.

Any locations out of the Metro Area will be charged on a case by case basis.


7-year installation warranty with ARCO Double Glazing installs only.

Frames/sashes have a fading warranty of 10 years for white/cream; 7 years for coloured solex foils then follow the tolerance guide of Australia for fading.

Hardware such as handles/locks/operational mechanisms have a 2-year warranty as per the suppliers warranty.

IGUs come with a 10 year replacement warranty. Warranty does not cover glass broken once installation has been completed.

ARCO Double Glazing is not required to assess a warranty claim unless all monies owing to ARCO Double Glazing have been paid in full. ARCO Double Glazing's warranty may be void if the goods are used for any purpose other than that for which they were designed or the goods have been interfered with by a third party without ARCO Double Glazing's prior approval or the goods are damaged as a result of an event or cause which is not within ARCO Double Glazing's control.

Maintenance of goods

Operational mechanism i.e. drop bolts and moving gear should be lubricated with SILICONE SPRAY (or similar) once a year where indicated. If done so, components will last 10+ years.

Structural integrity of the frames 25+ years.

No chemicals should be used for cleaning frames/sashes - only warm, soapy water and then dried with a clean cloth.