Frequently asked questions about double glazing

Double glazing is stylish and energy-efficient. We would recommend homeowners to install them in their homes both for maximum security and savings. Below are common questions and answers on double glazing. Read to learn more. Contact us if you need double glazing in Perth.

What are double glazed windows and doors?

Also called double-paned, double glazed windows and doors consist of two parallel panes or layers of glass. The sealed gap in between — filled with either gas or air — serves as their insulation.

Compared to single-paned windows, double glazed provide extra insulation and with argon or xenon gas in between, it increases your door’s or window’s resistance to energy transfer.

Space in between their layers is usually between 6mm and 20mm. For homeowners who prefer a quiet environment, consider getting double glazed windows with close to 150 mm space gap. Double glazing is the best solution to maximising energy savings.

What types of glass are used in double glazed windows and doors?

A huge range of glass can be used for the parallel panes. It can be customised based on the homeowner’s preference. A few of the glass used for double glazing include Low-e, translucent, laminated or toned grey glass. Keep in mind that you can have additional tints and films for increasing their efficiency.

How beneficial are they for my home?

Double glazing is worth the investment. Because it provides thermal insulation, it keeps cool air and heat inside your home. The layer of glass reduces heat loss. It also prevents condensation because of the airtight seal.

If you like a quieter environment, double glazing can help reduce noise to up to 70 percent. When you are trying to sell your home, double glazing also adds value to your real property. Most importantly, it increases security as double glazed windows and doors are tougher to break in.

How long does installation take and how much do they cost?

Including production, it would take up to 21 days to install your double glazing. Cost isn’t fixed for double glazing as there are so many options available.

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What type of double glazed windows can I install for my home?

Casement windows are a good option for homeowners who want to reduce noise and want added security. The frames used for this type are sturdier and more durable. A popular choice are sliding windows because it’s a space-saver and look more elegant. If you prefer windows that are easy to clean, consider tilt and turn windows.

These are an excellent option for families with children. Consumers who want to bring a lot of natural light to their homes may go with the fixed windows. Stylish and robust, this type is suited for stairways and hallways.

For a chic and modern look, consider installing awning windows. Its slender frames make them the perfect alternative to either steel or wood.

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