Retrofit soundproof windows to old apartments

Retrofit soundproof windows to old apartments for an instant upgrade

Noise is one of the top factors influencing the value of inner-city apartments. And it’s not a minor issue: noise pollution can wipe as much as $70,000 off the sale price.

In fact, there was even a university study from the US that showed a linear relationship between increased noise and discounted sale price.

The solution? Soundproof windows.

Installing soundproof windows drastically reduces noise while driving down electricity costs and limiting heat transfer, making your apartment more comfortable in more ways than one. And the best news is, replacing those old wooden windows with modern double glazing is easier and more affordable than you might think.

How soundproof windows work

Windows are normally the thinnest part of a home’s exterior, meaning soundwaves (and heat energy) move in and out more easily. Double glazed windows reduce noise by creating a triple-layered physical barrier that stops soundwaves:

  • Outer pane with Low-E insulative coating is the first line of defence
  • Argon gas between panes dissipates soundwaves further
  • Inner pane slows and spreads soundwaves again

Forming a complete seal around the glass is important to prevent soundwaves slipping through the cracks. Made-to-measure uPVC frames not only stop this from happening, they are also weather resistant meaning they won’t warp or crack in Perth’s scorching sun or winter storms.

The benefits of soundproof windows

70% noise reduction

Standard single-pane windows are notoriously poor sound barriers. The solution used to be hanging heavy curtains or cutting foam to fit the window, but these old-hat soundproofing methods are ugly and block natural light. Double glazing reduces noise by up to 70% immediately, making your apartment 8 times quieter.

Soundproof windows reduce ambient noise by up to 32-43 decibels (dB, the measure of noise). That takes the sound of heavy traffic, normally around 70dB, down to a quiet whisper at 30dB. Imagine the sound of a lawnmower or power tools being reduced to the level of light rain and you’re starting to get the idea.

Reduced energy bills

Double glazing does more than obstruct soundwaves. It also drastically reduces heat energy transfer by acting as an insulation layer. Your apartment stays at a comfortable temperature all year while reducing reliance on heating and cooling by up to 80%, slashing energy bills in the process.

Plus, all our double glazed windows come standard with Low-E (low emissivity) coating which reflects heat in summer and keeps warm air contained in winter.

Added security

Windows are one of the most common targets for home intruders because they are a weak point in home security. Even new single-glazed windows are not tough enough to keep out intruders. Of course you could add bars or a grille, but you don’t want to turn your apartment into a prison – and it won’t solve your noise complaints.

Double glazed windows with tough frames and multipoint locking systems are the best way to secure your home against intruders while still letting in light, fresh air when you want it, and still reducing noise.

How to upgrade to soundproof windows

ARCO Double Glazing replaces old and damaged windows with made-to-measure double glazed windows made locally in our Bibra Lake warehouse. Using high quality European materials and local knowledge, we make it more affordable than ever to upgrade your windows.

Whether you’re renovating, rebuilding or simply wanting to upgrade to soundproof windows, call ARCO Double Glazing for a free measure and quote or get an instant estimate online.

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