How to Minimise Noise in Your Perth Home With Soundproof Windows

Here is a list of things that can strike fear (or at least frustration) into Perth homeowners: revving engines, rubbish trucks, construction, thumping music, sirens and screaming kids.

Noise plays a significant role in our comfort at home. By

How excessive noise negatively impacts your life

Disturbed sleep

When unwelcome noise prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep, the adverse effects range from daytime drowsiness to irritability and even illness.  


More of us in Perth are working from home. Whether you’re in a meeting or trying to focus, noise from outside is an unwelcome distraction.

Peace and quiet

Even low levels of unwanted noise can upset the peace in your home. Soundproof windows are an investment in your sanity, among the many other benefits of double-glazed windows.

Minimising noise with soundproof windows

Double-glazed windows add a layer of insulation and security around your home. While most Perth residents know the benefits of double glazing in regulating indoor temperature, one significantly undervalued advantage is sound insulation.

Double glazing with a steel-reinforced uPVC frame can block 70% of noise to make your home or office 8 times quieter.

As well as some other tips which we’ll get to shortly,

How it works

Double glazing uses two panes of glass separated by an air or argon gas layer. The innovative technology creates a highly impenetrable insulation layer, preventing thermal transfer, blocking UV rays and – you guessed it – slowing soundwaves.

Soundwaves need to travel through two glass panes and a deliberately dehumidified air gap. All these layers slow, or entirely stop, soundwaves from reaching the other side.

Soundproof windows from ARCO Double Glazing use an additional rubber seal to create an insulating layer that’s proven to reduce up to 70% of noise. 

The benefits of soundproof windows

Installing soundproof double-glazing has several benefits on top of noise reduction.

Relaxing indoor environment

Up to 60% energy bill savings 

Added security

Up to 75% UV reduction

All these benefits come standard with ARCO double glazing. We also offer toughened glass options to protect your home against noise, intruders and sunlight, keeping you comfortable day and night. 

Other ways to reduce sound in your home

Soundproof windows prevent most unwelcome noise from entering your home. However, if you live in a particularly noisy area or suffer from persistent construction noise nearby, you can do even more to deaden sound.

Hang sound-dampening blinds or curtains

Move heavy furniture near windows

Lay rugs on the floor

Install acoustic panels

Grow plants or trees (outside and inside)

Soundproof windows from ARCO Double Glazing

ARCO Double Glazing uses Australia’s most advanced glass to reduce sound by up to 70% with strong, stylish and secure double-glazed windows.

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