How double glazed windows keep your home secure

We all know how effective double glazed windows are at regulating your home’s temperature and saving on energy costs.

But one often overlooked benefit is the added layer of security double glazed windows offer.

Old windows are magnets for intruders. Two-thirds of break-ins in Australia occur through unsecured windows and doors. Even new windows are not strong enough to keep out a determined burglar unless they are double glazed.

Secure double glazed doors and windows, with innovative locking systems and reinforced designs, offer effective protection against anything from break-ins to stray cricket balls.

Security benefits of double glazed windows

Upgrading to secure double glazed windows protects your home in many ways:

Multipoint locking system

Our double glazed windows and doors feature a multipoint locking system for added peace of mind and protection. With one turn of the key your windows lock in 5 places. That means no more weak spots for burglars to exploit.

Galvanised steel reinforced frame

Made-to-measure reinforced frames mean your secure double glazed windows will be gap-free, unlike those old warped windows. Not only does this stop air and pests getting in, it also means there is no way for an intruder to take the window off.

Visible deterrent

Potential home invaders will certainly think twice before taking on a double glazing. Because so many home invasions take advantage of vulnerable windows and doors, upgrading to tough double glazing will give you peace of mind that your home is no longer a target.

Laminated glass

We use the most advanced European-designed glass, manufactured in our Perth workshop to specifications over and above Australian standards. Two layers of shatterproof glass means more than twice as much effort to break your windows. Whether a rock or cricket ball finds its way to your window, or someone is trying to smash through, trust our secure double glazed windows to keep them out.

Extra intruder protection from Safeguard Industries

You have the option to add toughened screens from Safeguard Industries to your new double glazed windows. Their extensive range of security screens are custom fitted to your double glazed windows and doors without obstructing the view.

Customised to suit your home

No matter the style, colours or age of your home ARCO Double Glazing has a window or door to suit. Sliding, tilting, fixed, casement – there are too many to list here. Check out our full range of double glazed windows and doors.

Upgrade your home today

Our innovative double glazed windows are made right here in Perth. We only use the highest quality security screens from Safeguard Industries, another great Aussie company protecting local families. Plus, you get all the other benefits of made-to-measure double glazed windows and doors:

Year-round temperature regulation

Reduced energy bills

Noise reduction up to 70%

Sleek, modern aesthetic to match any style home

Huge range of finishing options

To protect your home, your family and your assets, it’s time to get rid of those old unsecure windows and invest in protection from Perth’s double glazing experts.

Contact ARCO Double Glazing today and get peace of mind, delivered and installed for less than you might think.

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