Double glazed windows

We use advanced technology from Europe to deliver innovative, stylish and energy efficient double glazed windows to you.

Our double glazed windows are manufactured locally using robotically controlled machinery to ensure that they are of the highest quality. They have been rigorously tested to exceed Australian standards to deliver you superior thermal and sound insulation, UV protection and high security. Our double glazed windows are strong and built to last with an impressive list of security features, including the multi-point locking system.

What is the multi-point locking system?

All of our double glazed windows come with our unique multi-point locking system. As the name suggests, the window locks in 5 places along the frame to ensure your home is as secure as possible. Our system is specifically engineered and reinforced with galvanised steel for added strength and security. You can rest easy knowing your home and family is safe and secure with ARCO Double Glazing!

Australia’s most advanced glass

The glass technology used in all of our double glazed windows is the most advanced in Australia and will see you reaping the benefits for years to come. We import high quality glass directly from Europe and then manufacture the double glazed glass units in our Perth factory.
You can discover the various types of glass that we offer and which glass would best suit your project at the bottom of any of our windows pages.

European designed, Australian made

ARCO’s double glazed windows feature European designed profiles and hardware that is imported directly through manufacturers and then manufactured in Perth. This means that you will receive European quality that is made locally in Perth. We use robotically controlled machinery to ensure that all our double glazed windows are made with precision and at a high quality.

Why uPVC frames?

We only use uPVC profiles as they offer greater benefits over traditional timber and aluminium such as UV protection, thermal and sound insulation, salt-water resistance and low maintenance.

Durable and fade resistant

You can ensure that your window frames will not fade in 10 years as they have been rigorously tested for Australia’s harsh sun. Our double glazed windows contain the highest amount of titanium dioxide among competitors which assists with the UV resistance of the frames. We also have WA’s largest range of uPVC colours to suit all of your design needs.

Great for the environment - and your pocket!

Our uPVC profiles are made from recyclable materials, are lead-free and use environmentally friendly Calcium-Zinc. As our double glazed windows uPVC profiles are thermally broken they will drastically reduced the need to heat or cool your home. The unique double rubber seal works fantastically for thermal and sound insulation and helps you to lower your energy bills by up to 60%!

Highly secure

They are designed with galvanised steel reinforcement for added strength and security. This, in combination with the double glazed unit, ensures that your double glazed windows are very safe and secure. The multi-point locking system which is also a feature of our uPVC frames, adds even more security to your windows.

Designed for the Australian sun

Our profiles come with a 10 year fading warranty and won’t fade for at least 10 years. They have been designed for Australia’s harsh conditions and unlike aluminium and timber, won’t warp or expand as the weather gets hotter or colder. Our profiles have been tested and certified to meet the AS 2047-1999 standard requirements and to also meet the stringent European Union standards and bear the CE compliance mark.

Air and water tightness for soundproofing

All of our uPVC frames features a unique double rubber seal which ensures your window is sealed very tightly and no water or air can come in. The tight seal of the double glazed windows can reduce noise by around 70%!
All frames have built-in water drainage channels that are slot-shaped and a minimum width of 30mm to quickly and effectively drain water, even under strong storm conditions. They feature a unique double rubber seal which ensures they are sealed very tightly and no water or air can come in.