Does Double Glazing Keep the Summer Heat Out?

Summer is nearly here – which is great news until you get your energy bill. 

Heating and cooling accounts for

Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers told ABC TV that Australians will “have these challenges ahead of us for a little bit longer than we’d like” and admitted he didn’t know when costs could ease.

The Government is looking long-term. 

But unlike the Government’s decades-long investment timeline, you can make an investment now that will start paying off as soon as this summer.

How double glazing keeps Perth homes comfortable in summer

Up to 87% of a home’s heat comes through single-panel windows

Double glazing can

Energy-efficient glazing means your AC unit can be 30% smaller

Installing double-glazed windows, doors, and skylights will significantly reduce cooling requirements in summer. Provided, of course, you get high-quality custom-made doors and windows designed for the harsh Perth sun. 

It works like this:

An outer layer of coated glass reflects long-wavelength UV rays fade furniture and cause skin cancer.

Exterior heat (sunlight) is reflected back.

A gap filled with argon gas or desiccated air slows heat particles.

The internal pane adds another heat barrier.

Interior cool air reflects back off the inner pane.

Do the benefits of double glazing scale?

You can be forgiven for thinking that the

The bigger the glass panel, the bigger the energy savings. According to the DCEEW, replacing single-pane glass with double glazing and less-conductive uPVC frames can halve heat transfer.

Quick tips for double glazing in Perth

Get coated glass

Low-E coating comes standard on ARCO double-glazed doors and windows. You can also opt for toned or laminated coatings to keep out even more UV rays and increase security.

Do the maths

Double glazing is an investment. The upfront cost of double glazing in Perth can seem high, but the long-term savings are well worth it. 

Frame your decision

Frames are a significant factor in heat transfer. Lower-cost uPVC frames outperform aluminium on all points, which is why we use uPVC. 

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