Double glazed windows Perth

Double glazed windows Perth, why do you need them? Many consumers have become increasingly concerned about their energy consumption, not only because of their electricity bill, but also because many people are thinking about sustainability. During the summers, especially in Perth, it can be difficult to keep the electricity meter in check while surviving the hot and humid weather. Everyone is dependent on their air conditioner to ensure their homes are cool and cozy. However, many homeowners are not aware of the fact that a lot of the cool can escape because of inefficient insulation.

Home insulation

Proper insulation is essential to improve energy efficiency. During the summers, insulation provides a layer of protection against heat from outside air while maintaining the cool air inside the house. In the winters, insulation ensures that the house stays warm and protects against the cold. Without insulation, cool air tends to escape into the surrounding air and also makes it difficult for the air conditioner to maintain the room temperature because it has to work for longer since heat is also coming into the house. So, it is essential to make sure a house is properly insulated. There are many techniques to improve home insulation, one of which is double-glazing windows.

Double glazed windows Perth – What are they and how do they work?

Double glazed windows Perth are becoming one of the most important renovation/home improvement topics. A double glazed window is essentially two panes of glass instead of one. The two panes are fitted close to each other to create an air gap between the two windows. This tight air gap creates a space, which causes a break in the air flowing to and from the house. During the summers, this tight air gaps acts as an inefficient heat conductor and prevents hot air from entering the house, while in the winter, it prevents the hot air escaping the house. Double glazed windows helps insulate the house and creates an essential layer of protection that can significantly improve room temperature control.

How are they made?

In addition to two panes of glasses, a double glazed window consists of a u-pvc frame that holds the panes together. The frame keeps the panes intact and also ensures that there is no air flow. The tight space in between the windows can also be filled with a gas, such as argon, or any other gas that acts as a poor conductor to further improve insulation.

What are the benefits of double glazed windows in Perth?

In addition to being an efficient and cost-effective insulation installation, double glazed windows have several benefits. Because the primary purpose of double glazed windows in Perth is to control air temperature, it can have a positive impact on energy consumption. Since less hot air/cold air is allowed into the house, the air conditioner/heater can operate more efficiently, essentially reducing electricity bill. Furthermore, double-glazing insulation also improves sound-proofing. Apart from insulation, double-glazing can actually improve home security, since it is much more difficult to break two panes. Double glazed windows in Perth can also increase the value of a property because of the improved energy rating.


Double glazed windows in Perth provide an important layer of insulation that not only prevents heat/cold air from entering the house, but it also ensures that cold air/heat is maintained within the house. Double-glazing not only improves energy-efficiency and insulation, but also reduces noise pollution and adds a layer of security. Double glazed windows are becoming increasingly important in energy-efficient homes.

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