New innovations: Perth triple glazed windows

Perth window manufacturers are always looking for innovative ways to make windows more energy efficient.

This desire is what has led many homeowners to install double glazed windows which offer high performance. They are now adding an extra pane to make them even more energy efficient.

The lower the number of U-value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, the higher the performance. The U-value is a measure of a window’s resistance to heat loss. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is a measure of the amount of heat which enters your home through the glass. The lower the two of these values are, the more energy efficient your windows will be.

Triple glazing is the use of 3 panes of glass instead of 1 (single glazed windows) or 2 (double glazed windows). The extra pane will offer a higher efficiency the same way double glazed windows have a higher performance to single glazed windows.

As triple glazing is more expensive than double glazing, the questions that most Perth homeowners ask is: is it really worth it?

One way to keep the cost down is to consider a combination of double and triple glazed windows. Double glazed windows are still high performing and offer similar benefits to triple glazing.

What is triple glazing?

Window insulation is crucial to regions that experience extreme temperatures such as Perth, Western Australia.

It helps maintain the heat inside the house during winter and keeps the house cool during summer.

Window insulation involves the use of multiple layers of glass which are separated by a metal or foam spacer within the window unit. This spacer helps to create a pocket of space which you can fill with an insert gas such as argon.

Double glazed window insulation involves 2 panes separated by a spacer. Therefore, triple glazing is made up of 3 panes that are separated evenly by 2 spacers, increasing insulation.

Benefits of triple glazed windows

These windows possess a wide range of benefits if correctly installed. They have excellent durability and rigidness which make them a perfect fit for your Perth home compared to traditional skylights. Their insulation performance is outstanding and so they are perfect in homes exposed to extreme temperatures.

Triple glazing minimises sound transmission even more than single and double glazed windows.

Security is also improved when installing triple glazed windows because there are 3 layers of glass and spacers that intruders need to break through.

Things to consider when installing triple glazed windows

You should note that glazing of any kind is only as good as the materials used and the installation process. Therefore if you fit triple glazing poorly, it will be as weak as single glazing and thus not perform as well. It is important to have installers who are advanced in triple glazing as they will ensure your windows perform to their optimal level.

As triple glazing is an energy-saving measure it is important to make sure that your walls and roof are also properly insulated. Therefore if you are working to a minimal budget, you should spread it across all the energy measures in your home to avoid regrets.

The team at ARCO are specialists in both double and triple glazing and will ensure that you receive the best windows for your house and needs.

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