How ARCO improves the standards of double glazing in Perth

How our windows are made

Have you ever wondered how double glazed windows are made? You might think it’s as simple as putting two panes of glass in a frame, but the reality is more complex. To get all the benefits of double glazing in Perth, we have more than 15 pieces of high-tech equipment running in our local manufacturing facility.

When it comes to double glazing, there are several reasons why buying local is better:

  • Able to come and see the product before you buy
  • Guaranteed to meet Australian Standards
  • Get to know the people making your windows
  • Faster lead time
  • Closer attention to detail

So, let’s look closer to clarify how ARCO Double Glazing make (we think) the best double glazing in Perth.

A quick overview of double glazing

Double glazed windows are a common element in modern homes and offices. How and where they were invented is the source of some contention, but what matters is how your windows are made today.

To meet Australian Standards, improve energy efficiency, and provide comfort in your home, double glazing in Perth needs to feature:

  • Thick outer pane (preferably with a Low-E coating to reduce UV rays)
  • Regular inner pane
  • Layer of argon gas or air between the panes
  • Desiccant in the base to eliminate moisture
  • Sealed together in a weatherproof frame

You can read more about how double glazed windows are made here before diving into the ARCO Double Glazing process in detail.

How ARCO improves the standards of double glazing in Perth

Many double glazing manufacturers stop at the specs above. For us, it’s not enough to import cheap frames and meet the minimum standard. Instead, we are dedicated to giving Perth homeowners and businesses the best double glazed solutions to maximise efficiency, comfort, and safety.

How can a window do all that, and still look great? That’s where innovation puts us ahead.

Accurate frame manufacturing process

All our double glazed windows are housed in weather-resistant uPVC frames, manufactured right here in Perth. Using state of the art machinery to minimise human error means the process is accurate, fast, and clean.

To make industry-leading ARCO windows and doors, we use industry-leading Murat robotic equipment. Our technicians oversee the process that takes raw material to a finished product:

  • Cutting angles with 0.1° accuracy
  • Cast construction
  • Welding with invisible joins
  • Surface cleaning/preparation
  • Precision routing for door handles and locks
  • Fast assembly or all elements

By the time the frame is assembled and ready for glass, it will be finished in your choice of 8 factory colours.

Clearly better glass

While the frames are being cut, cast and assembled, let’s look at the all-important glass. To ensure we can deliver a product to suit every home or office, we need machinery capable of making units in all shapes and sizes.

We use the best of the best. Specifically, Best Makina machinery makes up our glass production line. These are the pieces of industry-leading equipment that take all the pieces and bring them together:

  • Glass washing and drying
  • Spacer bar bending
  • Desiccant filling
  • Silicone sealing between panes
  • Precision assembly of finished units

The result is a finished double glazed window with exceptionally high energy efficiency, that stays clean for longer on the outside and won’t fog up on the inside.

Fast and efficient

This same machinery allows ARCO Double Glazing to create multiple finished products at the same time, without compromising on quality. We believe it is important to keep the costs of double glazing reasonable while delivering finished products that represent the highest quality standards.

Serial assembly improves efficiency, meaning a shorter time from consultation to install. Some of our early-stage machinery can cut up to 10 profiles simultaneously. From there the frames are fed downstream to assembly equipment designed for speed, accuracy, and versatility.

ARCO Double Glazing: Perth’s leading double glazing design and manufacturing team

We have spent years fine-tuning our engineering and manufacturing process for the best results. For you, the customer, that means all the benefits of exceptional double glazing without the high price tag.

Here at ARCO Double Glazing, we make double glazed windows in all shapes and sizes with the same efficiency, regardless of the complexity. Every step of the process is overseen by our expert technicians while innovative machinery handles the ‘nuts and bolts’ work based on our specifications. And it all happens here, on-site in our Perth manufacturing facility.

So, when it comes to double glazing in Perth, the choice is clear. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our double glazing solutions or arrange a free consultation.

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