With Perth’s electricity prices on the rise, it is now more important than ever to introduce energy saving measures into your home.

Did you know that heating and cooling appliances contribute to, on average, 40% of your energy bill? Here are some energy saving tips to ease financial strain when your energy bill rolls around.

  • Install double glazed windows and doors. There is a common misconception that because double glazed products use double the glass of single glazed windows they are double the price. Double glazed products are usually only about 15% more expensive than single glazed but offer many long-term benefits. During winter, double glazed windows and doors prevent heat loss and reduce heating requirements by up to 80%. This significantly reduces the need for electricity-guzzling heaters in your home. Double glazed products work all year round which means that your house will stay cool during summer and warm during winter- without spiking your energy use.
  • Fans are a great alternative to reverse cycle air-con as they use significantly less energy to cool a room. If you have double glazing windows in your home the fan will cool a room even more efficiently.
  • If you do want to use a heater during winter, it is important to get it serviced regularly otherwise it will not heat your home effectively and you will see an increase in your energy bills.

Other energy saving tips for around the house include:

  • Set your fridge to 4 or 5°C and your freezer to -15°C. Did you know that every degree lower uses 5% more energy?
  • By switching to energy saving light bulbs you could save around $200 a year.
  • Opt for the microwave when you can as it uses a lot less energy than the oven. Remember to switch it off at the wall when you’re not using it otherwise it just becomes an expensive clock!