Your Guide to Retrofitting Double Glazed Windows

Installing double glazing can bring down heating and cooling energy bills up to 60%, reduce UV rays by 75% and block 70% of noise.

There is a more affordable solution: retrofitting double-glazed windows.

Retrofitting double glazing to existing windows can boost your home’s insulation, cutting energy bills and keeping your place comfortable 

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What does “retrofitting” double glazed windows mean?

Retrofitting means adding a component or accessory that wasn’t in the original build. For home renovations, that means swapping out single-pane glass for new double-glazed windows without altering the window cavity.

We can even install double glazing in your existing window frames.

How we retrofit double-glazed windows

Single-pane glass is a poor insulator. So in winter, cold air gets in through the glass, or anywhere the frames have warped. And in summer, your windows invite the sun to heat up your home and fade the furniture.

ARCO Double Glazing retrofits double-glazed windows in 3 steps:

The second pane of Low-E glass, separated by an air gap, insulates your home against thermal transfer, sound and UV rays.

Will retrofitting double-glazed windows reduce my energy bills by 60%?

You will see a reduction in energy use and less sound spilling in from outside, making your home more comfortable than before. 

Retrofitting double-glazed windows does provide an additional layer of insulation. However, our high-performance uPVC frames insulate even better than existing wooden or aluminium frames. 

The benefits of retrofitting double-glazed windows

Reduce energy bills

Increase indoor comfort

Keep your home’s character intact

No strata approvals needed

Cut UV rays by up to 75%

Reduce installation costs

Weighing up whether retrofit or renovate


Although installing new double-glazed windows is a bigger investment than retrofitting, the long-term cost savings can often balance out. 


Double-glazed windows will insulate your home better than single glazing. Whether you get the full benefit depends on the window’s condition, frame and location. 


ARCO Double Glazing can retrofit most timber frames in good condition, but we recommend calling us for a personalised quote.


Double glazing is stronger and more secure than single-pane windows. However, our


Retaining your home’s character is important for value, comfort and enjoyment. You may be able to install a new uPVC frame with a coating to match the existing style or retrofit double-glazed windows into wooden frames.

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