Sliding windows

Sliding windows have been used in Australian homes for decades because of their space saving features. They allow a portion of the windows to be opened without intruding inside or outside. Sliding windows are easy to operate, simply slide to either the left or right to your desired opening. For existing curtains and blinds, a flushed handle can be paired with the sliding window.

Need a fly screen? There are two options for the sliding window for fly screens- hinged or retractable. The hinged fly screens come standard with the tilt and turn and sit neatly on the outside with the option to remove the screen for ease of clean. The retractable fly screen sits on the outside of the frame also and allows a clear view once the screen is retracted.

Sliding window benefits

Our sliding windows have been independently tested for noise reduction, with results ranging from 32-43 dB, dependent on the framing and glazing combination tested. This translates into homes that are at least eight times quieter than homes with traditional windows.

We use solar control Low-E glass which filters over 75% of UV rays making your home safer without keeping you in the dark.

Our sliding windows and doors prevent heat loss and reduce heating requirements by up to 80%.

ARCO double glazed products (including double glazed sliding windows) provide enhanced security against break-ins and storm protection in high-risk coastal areas.