Double glazed doors

Treat your home to a total transformation with our double glazed doors.

We have a diverse range of double glazed doors that can be customised to meet your design requirements. Our double glazed door systems are designed to meet the highest energy saving requirements as well as providing the perfect balance between energy efficiency and stylish aesthetics. Every door offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, high security and a broad colour palette – designed to improve your lifestyle.

Keep your family and home secure

Any door in your home can provide a big opportunity for intruders to enter your home; that is why it is vital that you choose a door that is made to be safe and last for years to come. All of our doors feature a multi-point locking system from Germany which translates to high quality and reliability. Locking in more than one point means that it is virtually impossible for someone to break the door open- not the case with tired, aluminium frames. The frames are also reinforced with galvanised steel for added strength and security. Our glazing is beaded internally which gives greater protection against intruders. Internal beading means that the beading is behind the glass and so it can’t be removed from the outside.

Don’t let your hot or cold air escape through the door

Every ARCO double glazed door features a superior seal so that when the door is closed no wind or water will come through, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. This means that you don’t have to compromise on security by leaving your door open in summer overnight to let a cool breeze in. Low-E glass is a standard feature in all of our double glazed doors which makes a significant difference in the energy efficiency of your home.

Enjoy peace and quiet in your home

As Perth’s population increases so does the noise levels, this isn’t just in the city and industrial areas but it is also being felt in suburban areas too. ARCO’s double glazed doors offer you the ability to open your doors, letting the outside flow in and complete silence when they are closed. You can enjoy up to 45dB sound reduction in your home to ensure that you are enjoying peace and quiet no matter the time of day.

A custom door to suit your needs

We know that every home is different and each client has their own vision so, all of our double glazed doors are custom made for your property for an airtight fit that eliminates gaps. The double glazed doors have tight seals which ensure no air escapes and moisture and condensation is eliminated.

Why uPVC frames?

We only use uPVC profiles as they offer greater benefits over traditional timber and aluminium such as UV protection, thermal and sound insulation, salt-water resistance and low maintenance.

Durable and fade resistant

You can ensure that your doors frames will not fade in 10 years as they have been rigorously tested for Australia’s harsh sun. Our double glazed doors contain the highest amount of titanium dioxide among competitors which assists with the UV resistance of the frames. We also have WA’s largest range of uPVC colours to suit all of your design needs.

Great for the environment- and your pocket!

Our uPVC profiles are made from recyclable materials, are lead-free and use environmentally friendly Calcium-Zinc. As our double glazed doors uPVC profiles are thermally broken they will drastically reduced the need to heat or cool your home. The unique double rubber seal works fantastically for thermal and sound insulation and helps you to lower your energy bills by up to 60%!

Highly secure

They are designed with galvanised steel reinforcement for added strength and security. This, in combination with the double glazed unit, ensures that your double glazed doors are very safe and secure. The multi-point locking system which is also a feature of our uPVC frames, adds even more security to your doors.

Designed for the Australian sun

Our profiles come with a 10 year fading warranty and won’t fade for at least 10 years. They have been designed for Australia’s harsh conditions and unlike aluminium and timber, won’t warp or expand as the weather gets hotter or colder. Our profiles have been tested and certified to meet the AS 2047-1999 standard requirements and to also meet the stringent European Union standards and bear the CE compliance mark.

Air and water tightness for soundproofing

All of our uPVC frames features a unique double rubber seal which ensures your door is sealed very tightly and no water or air can come in. The tight seal of the double glazed doors can reduce noise by around 70%!
All frames have built-in water drainage channels that are slot-shaped and a minimum width of 30mm to quickly and effectively drain water, even under strong storm conditions. They feature a unique double rubber seal which ensures they are sealed very tightly and no water or air can come in.