European Quality Double Glazed Sliding Windows & Doors in Perth

Sliding windows are the most popular choice among Australian consumers for several reasons. They are very easy to use and glide along the frame as they aren’t too heavy.

Sliding windows have fewer parts than conventional windows which makes them easier to maintain and cheaper to manufacture. Not having any springs or pulleys makes the windows more durable as these components wear quickly.

The dual seal design assists the air conditioner in heating and cooling as air leakage is minimised. This also decreases the need for artificial heating and cooling, lowering your energy bills.

uPVC Frames

ARCO Double Glazing & Framing only manufactures and stocks uPVC frames.

We carry eight standard factory colours but can manufacture frames in a range of Dulux colours to suit your design requirements. Our uPVC profiles keep their colour even under exposure to extreme temperature, weathering or UV exposure, making them ideal for the Australian climate.

We carry three sash styles with various hinge options and a wide selection of accessories, so you can custom design your windows.

uPVC Benefits

uPVC frames offer the best value and greater benefits over the traditional timber and aluminium profiles, including UV protection, thermal and sound insulation, salt-water resistance and low maintenance.

Our uPVC profiles are made from recyclable materials. They are lead-free and use environmentally friendly Calcium-Zinc and are designed with galvanised steel reinforcements for added strength and security.

The frames have built-in water drainage channels that are slot-shaped and a minimum width of 30mm to quickly and effectively drain water even under strong storm conditions.


We use Winkhaus fittings and locking systems to ensure our windows and doors are of the highest quality. Winkhaus has earned the confidence of customers all over the world with innovative products and competent service for over 160 years.

Our windows and doors also come with a 5 year Installation Warranty if installed by a qualified ARCO window installer.


ARCO Windows & Framing is a Perth based manufacturer with the largest manufacturing plant in Perth. We are able to accommodate any building program to suit your project needs. An average of 2 weeks supply time is available including our own in-house fully insured delivery service. Contact us to get an estimate on delivery to your area.

Need your windows installed?

Contact us to ask about how easy it is for a qualified professional to install our windows or enquiry about our in-house installation service.

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