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Christine W. – Claremont

Story This job was slightly different from our usual ones. The client wanted to enclose her balcony to make a sunroom to be enjoyed whatever the weather- rain, hail or sun! We used a combination of fixed and tilt & turn windows to allow some ventilation into the room when they please. It was a smart choice using double glazing as sunrooms can typically get very hot in summer due to the amount of glass used. We used a Low-E […]

Alex C. – Marangaroo

Story This customer wanted to replace their windows and doors for two main reasons. The first reason being that they lived close to main roads and were constantly being disturbed by the noise from traffic. We managed to achieve a noise reduction of around 32dB which means that their home is now up to eight times quieter! The second reason was to add to the value of the property. They chose cream frames as they contrast really well with the […]

Heewook J. – East Cannington

Story We completed 5 windows and 1 door for this home in East Cannington, replacing old aluminium window frames with ours in white. This choice of colour contrasts nicely with the dark brick exterior and makes the windows a feature which we love! The white frames lighten up what would have otherwise been a very dark-looking house. Living only a few houses back from Roe Highway meant that noise reduction was of the upmost importance to this client. Our Zendow […]

Lynden D. – Booragoon

Story We completed this whole house in January 2019, replacing old aluminium window frames with our double glazed windows in Grey Anthracite. This choice of colour contrasts nicely with the light brick exterior and makes the windows a feature which we love! All of our windows and doors come with Low-E glass as standard which is something that a lot of competitors charge as an extra feature. Low-E glass significantly reduces the amount of UV rays that are emitted through […]

Hermine S. – Kinross

Story We replaced 5 windows and 2 doors for this client’s villa in Kinross and as per strata rules, she chose cream frames. The cream works in very well with the light brick exterior of the villa. She was elderly so it was important that she was comfortable at all times in her home. Our double glazed windows and doors reduce the need to heat and cool the home by up to 80%! This means that the temperature within the […]

Sharon M. H. – Atwell

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Peta C. – Bicton

Story We installed this double casement window on a house in Bicton in December 2018. Choosing to have white frames really lightened up the room and makes it feel bigger. This client installed double glazing because she lived on a very busy street and wanted to cut out noise. This casement window has significantly reduced the noise coming into her bedroom and she can now sleep peacefully. She didn’t realise how much of a difference double glazing makes to the […]

Kj L. – Greenwood

Story We did a complete replacement of this clients’ windows and doors which included a beautiful front door! The front door and laundry and bathroom windows all have white translucent glass. We use this glass as our privacy glass as you can’t see through it. Even when the sun is shining onto the glass you will not see through. White translucent glass is more effective than frosting as it won’t chip or crack like some types. This type of glass […]

Chris A. – Glendalough

Story Project under work. Gallery

Brenton V. – Sorrento

Client Review Good afternoon (for attention: Managing Director to ARCO Staff) I have recently had 5 windows and two sliding doors installed in my home. Although a couple of small initial issues with the installation have occurred, all of my requested issues requiring follow up support have been addressed. I am writing this email to say thank you. The team at ARCO (administration, sales and installation) have all been very helpful, professional and courteous. A far cry from other trades […]

April F. – Menora


Amy B. – Mosman Park

Story For this client, noise was the main driver for her to replace this window to double glazing. The household was constantly being disturbed by noisy neighbours in their swimming pool and so they decided on a fixed triple glazed window to achieve the most noise reduction possible. The window was divided into two because it was such a big window and so we could achieve optimal sound insulation. We were able to achieve a sound reduction of around 45dB […]