Your comfort is our number one priority.

We draw on over twenty years’ experience in varied European climates to bring you affordable double glazed windows and doors without compromising on quality or performance.

Your windows are made right here in Western Australia using the latest technology to fit your specific requirements . Whether you are looking for thermal comfort, relief from unwanted noise or simply want a more secure home for your family, we will design and manufacture the right product for you.

Double glazing means using two glass panes instead of one.

While a traditional window has one 3mm clear glass pane, double glazed windows have two glass panes of various thickness, ranging from 3mm-8mm that are spaced between 12 and 20mm apart.

We have found that, for the majority of  homes, the best performance is achieved using a 4mm Low-E glass pane, followed by a 16mm gap filled with argon gas and one 4mm clear glass pane. Other combinations can be used to achieve your specific requirements, including triple glazing.

Low-E glass stands for Low Emissivity glass and it is designed to reflect the heat back to its source. So, in summer it reflects the heat back out while in winter it reflects the heat back in, keeping your home warm. Low-E essentially works like a thermos: your home stays cooler longer in the summer and warmer in the winter, significantly reducing your energy requirements.

We use argon gas, which has lower thermal conductivity than air, to fill the space between the windows to further increase the energy efficiency of your windows.

We can also manufacture triple glazed windows and doors using three glass panes. We can assess your requirements to determine the option that gives you the most value. In our experience it is rare to require triple glazing in the Australian climate, unless you are building a zero energy home.

The Benefits of ARCO Double Glazed Windows

Increase the comfort of your home while reducing energy costs.

Thermal comfort is associated with better mental health and overall wellbeing.

Our windows and doors are made using Low-E glass which reflects the heat back to its source. Through superior thermal and acoustic insulation our products offer increased comfort and excellent energy efficiency.

Keep out the winter chill without sacrificing natural light.

You can maintain a comfortable temperature in your home regardless of the weather. Our windows and doors prevent heat loss and reduce heating requirements by up to 80%.

Transform your home into a quiet oasis.

Your home is your personal retreat where you unwind and recharge after a busy day.

Our standard double glazing products provide significant sound insulation of more than 30dB making your home EIGHT times as quiet.

Reduce the risk to your family and your home.

Bushfires are a regular occurrence in our Australian climate . You can improve the safety of your home with a range of double glazed windows and doors that have been BAL-40 tested and certified.

Maintain your health while reducing the damaging effects of UV inside your home.

You know how damaging UV radiation can be. What you might not realise is that you are still at risk for UV exposure indoors.

We use solar control Low-E glass which filters over 75% of UV rays making your home safer without keeping you in the dark.

Make lasting memories without breaking the bank.

We make truly affordable double glazed products without compromising on quality.

The investment in your own comfort and wellbeing will pay for itself in substantial energy savings, and with our extensive 10 year warranty you know you’re well looked after.

Use our online estimator for free instant quote.

Play your part in protecting the environment.

We try to minimise our ecological footprint and consistently innovate to get the highest possible insulation value with the most efficient use of raw materials.

We manufacture environmentally conscious double glazed products without lead or other heavy metals, that are 100% recyclable.

Together, let’s protect the environment and our future.

Spend your time on the things that matter, not on maintenance.

With our range of double glazed windows and doors you can have it all: style, performance, quality and low maintenance. And with our 10 year fade-resistant guarantee, all you have left to do is sit back and enjoy the view.

Keep unwelcome visitors out.

Having your home broken into can be a stressful experience. Know that your family and home are better protected whether you’re at home, or away.

ARCO double glazed products provide enhanced security against break-ins and storm protection in high-risk coastal areas.

Technical Specifications

We only use uPVC frames as they offer the best value and greater benefits over the traditional timber and aluminium profiles, including UV protection, thermal and sound insulation, salt-water resistance, and low maintence.

Our uPVC profiles are made from recyclable materials. They are lead-free and use environmentally friendly Calcium-Zinc, and are designed with galvanised steel reinforcements for added strength and security.

The frames have built-in water drainage channels that are slot-shaped and a minimum width of 30mm to quickly and effectively drain water even under strong storm conditions.

Our uPVC profiles have been tested and certified to meet the AS2047-1999 standard requirements, and also meet the stringent European Union standards and bear the CE compliance mark.

We carry eight standard factory colours, but can manufacture frames in a range of Dulux colours to suit your design requirements.

Our uPVC profiles keep their colour even under exposure to extreme temperature, weathering or UV exposure, making them ideal for the Australian climate.

We carry three sash styles with various hinge options and a wide selection of accessories so you can custom design your windows.

Our standard windows can be manufactured to accommodate a variety of size requirements from frames as small as H300mm x L300mm to H2500mm x L5000mm in various configurations.

We can assist with non-standard sizes, so speak to one of our specialists about your project requirements.

ARCO Double Glazed Window Frames are available in the following factory colours:

ARCO Sash Styles

We carry three standard glass options: 4mm or 6mm Solar Control Low-E Glass, 6.5mm Laminated Glass and 4mm or 6mm Clear Float Glass.

We use a combination of glass type and thickness to achieve your desired results.

All our windows and doors are made with at least one Solar Control Low-E Glass pane, as it provides maximum thermal insulation and thermal control and significantly reduces heating and cooling costs. The glass filters very little natural light while providing high levels of thermal and solar control.

Laminated Glass is produced by binding two or more glass panes with a special interlayer under heat and pressure. If the glass is broken, most of the fragments remain stuck to the interlayer, therefore minimising the risk of injury. Laminated Glass can withstand repeated blows from heavy objects such as bricks, hammers or crowbars, and, even if the glass breaks, it retains its overall integrity, offering protection from vandalism or burglary attacks.

The Thermal Transmittance Coefficients (U values) of our frames are tested and certified by IFT-Rosenheim.

The U Value of the glass is calculated in accordance with International Window Standards EN 673.

Our windows have been independently tested for noise reduction, with results ranging from 32-43 dB, dependent on the framing and glazing combination tested. This translates into homes that are at least eight times more quiet than homes with traditional windows.

Specifications and technical data may be subject to change without further notice.


Wipe the glass using a clean cloth and mild detergent or gentle solvents. Do not use sharp objects or abrasive materials.


Remove the exterior protective foil immediately after installation, as exposure to the hot Australian sun could make it stick to the frame. To protect the frames from dust and construction debris, you can remove the interior foil later, after all renovation work has been completed. Some impurities such as mortar and paint may be present as a result of transport and installation, so take more care on the first cleaning after the installation. Use a moist cloth and mild liquid detergent (diluted dishwashing liquid works great) to wipe the frames. Do not use harsh chemicals such as acetone, paint thinner etc. as this will damage the frame.

Do not paint the frames, as this voids the warranty. If you need different colour frames, we can manufacture a variety of colours to suit your needs.

Hardware & Accessories

Clean and lubricate the opening/closing hardware once a year.

We offer a 10 (ten) year transferable limited warranty on glass and uPVC frames and a one year limited warranty on hardware and accessories.


Glass is covered by our 10 (ten) year limited warranty against manufacturing, materials and workmanship defects, and 5 (five) years against improper installation.

These limited warranties do not cover cracked or broken glass or other damage to the glass resulting from accident, abusive handling, or misuse; nor do they cover glass panes broken from the exterior. The application of films, coatings, or other substances or products to the glass and any modification of the product due to the installation of a security system voids the limited warranty.

uPVC Frames

uPVC Frames are covered by our 10 (ten) year limited warranty against colour fastness, stains, blistering, streaking or cracking as well as peeling or delamination or any visible defect caused by exposure to natural weathering and sunlight. Our frames will not split, swell or corrode and will retain their colour.

Hardware & Accessories

Hardware and accessories are covered by our one year limited warranty against manufacturing, materials and workmanship defects.

Your new windows and doors must be maintained in accordance with our cleaning and maintenance instructions, otherwise your warranty may be void.