Double Glazed Window FAQs | ARCO Double Glazing

Standard single glazed windows consist of only a single pane of either 4mm or 6mm glass. Double and triple glazed windows consist of 2 and 3 panes respectively. ARCO’s standard double glazed unit is made up 4mm Low-E glass on the outer pane followed by a 16mm Argon gas spacer and then 4mm clear glass. Depending on your requirements we can make units with various combinations including laminated glass.

Our standard double glazed glass is a 24mm unit consisting of 4mm Low-E glass, 16mm Argon gas and 4mm of clear glass. We can also offer you laminated or toughened glass which is used for doors and large, full length windows. If you are after privacy, we have a white translucent glass and can also offer toned grey glass.

Give us a call to chat more about which glass would best suit your project.

Yes, our double glazed windows can reduce outside noise by up to 70%. The uPVC frame combined with the double layer of glass and Argon gas spacer work together as a noise filter to create soundproof insulation.

A standard tilt & turn window can get a noise reduction of around 34dB which is the equivalent of an electric saw sounding as quiet as a normal conversation.

Yes, double glazing is more expensive than single glazing. Our prices work out to be about 15% more than single glazing. Over the lifetime of your double glazed windows you will save $1000s on your energy bills and maintenance costs.

Our windows and doors can reduce the need to heat or cool your home by up to 80% which will make a significant difference to your energy bills. They are also fade and salt-water resistant, saving you money on maintenance.

We manufacture all of our windows and doors in our Bibra Lake factory so we have complete control of the whole process- it typically takes a week for production.

A 4×2 retro fit can be completed in 2 to 3 days for a single-story home. Double story homes will typically take 3 to 4 days to complete.

For new constructions, it will not take any longer than standard single glazing installation.